Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mini Fruit Pizzas

Quick, easy and delicious is the best way to describe these little beauties.  I love how fast these whip up and you can kind of pull whatever fruit you have lying around together to make these.  My secret ingredient to these are....the store bought sugar cookie mix!  Sure you can spend your time making sugar cookie dough from scratch but really, these are so awesome.  Just the plain ole betty crocker mix in a bag is what I use and people always ask me for the recipe.  ;)  Don't worry, I don't normally take the credit.  :)

Mini Fruit Pizzas

1 bags betty crocker sugar cookie mix, prepare according to package
Cloud Frosting
Any fruit you want, I love kiwi, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, mandarin oranges, mango, etc.

Once cookies are cooled, top with cloud frosting and fruit.  I dare you to only eat one...impossible!!

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