Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My love of food

The taste of warm soup, the smell of slow cooked meals, and the feel of a decadent dessert can't be beat.  I am a foodie and will be until my dying day.  My tastes have evolved and changed over time and finding and inventing new recipes is a passion.  I enjoy making wonderful food for family and friends and love the high when I find a "golden recipe".  I also strongly believe that raw and non processed foods are truly superfoods and are our body's best friends.  That is where my hypocrisy comes in.  I am known for desserts laden with guilt and know how to use cream and butter to whip up supreme concoctions.  This blog will feature what I have found to be amazing recipes.  I won't promise they will all be healthy but moderation in all things, right?  :)  In my quest to ever improve the health of my family, I promise not to make penne rustica more than once a month and instead I will make banana ice cream in lui of chocolate cheesecake.  Please join me as as I learn more about food, find delicious recipes, and occassionally get on my soap box about healthy eating.  Bon appetit!

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