Thursday, December 27, 2012

Banana Ice Cream

Ice cream has been a staple go to dessert in my family for a long time.  We all love it but let's be's not that healthy for you.  Yes, it is true...cold stone's ghirardelli dark chocolate ice cream covered in brownie, caramel, and pecans is not good for your body.  So what to do?  Think fruit!!  I first saw banana ice cream on pinterest and was skeptical but had to try it.  I froze the bananas without peeling them and that was a huge mistake.  I almost gave up after near frost bite.  After thawing out we tried the concoction and......mmmmmmmmmmm!  Totally worth it and definitely satisfied my craving.  I don't know how mother nature does it but banana ice cream doesn't just taste like a froze banana.  It was creamy, not too sweet and quite awesome!  So, you better try it!

Banana Ice Cream
2-3 frozen bananas (if you have bananas starting to go bad, unpeel, cut up and stick in a plastic bag.  Store in freezer until you want a treat!)
A little milk if you have a weak blender or like ice cream on the soft side

Stick all in blender and blend until nice and creamy.  Enjoy!

Recommended mix ins:
Pecans and malt
any berries
chocolate and peanut butter (kind of defeats the healthy purpose but sooo good!)
pineapple and coconut
whatever you have in the cupboard!

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